TRANSCONTINENTAL - Developed and refined over many years using feedback from serious cyclotourists who have travelled to the far corners of the world, the Transcontinental is the classic long-wheelbase "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" touring bike.

A surprisingly lightweight custom mix of Columbus Nivacrom and Reynolds tubes are meticulously joined using the finest lugs to provide for a long lifetime of hard riding. The head angle is relaxed to increase comfort and provide more stable steering. Seatstays and chainstays are made of a tube gauge and length suitable for carrying bulky and heavy loads.

There are a considerable number of options to discuss, relating to, for example, drivetrain, lighting, racks, S&S Couplings, handlebar shape, brakes, even dynamos/stems that can recharge phones!

Several Transcontinentals have lived up to the name - our bulletin board in the showroom has the photos and letters to prove it.

CLUBMAN - The Clubman combines the best of tradition with modern technology. Many of our customers are riders who like the feel and appearance of a traditional lugged frame. It's a design aimed at regular weekend riders who enjoy the odd cycling holiday. The Clubman is tough enough, yet comfortable enough for regular commuting.

The specification tends to be slightly heavier-duty than our Audax frames, to remain stable even when carrying larger panniers. Tubing is typically Reynolds 853 & 725 with 531 Forks. Frame angles tend towards the sprightly rather than sedate so the bike can deliver fast acceleration on club runs.

We recommend a road triple chainset and usually fit dual-pivot brakes, but the Clubman can be built using cantilevers or V-brakes for riders who expect to carry heavier loads. And though it uses 700C wheels, we make sure there's plenty of clearance for mudguards and wide tyres (up to 700x32c). Brazes-ons automatically include the usual bottle bosses, mudguard eyelets and rack mounts.

CUMBRIA - The Cumbria is the perfect combination of commuter bike and heavy-duty touring bike. It's built to look like a conventionally-styled touring bike, but uses 26" wheels and has plenty of clearance for up to 26x1.75" tyres.

The smaller wheels are less likely to cause problems on even the worst roads, while the larger volume of air in the tyres gives you a more comfortable ride over the bumps.

The smaller frame will be stiffer and stronger, aiding longevity and handling, and a judicious choice of seatpost can also help take the edge off the most pot-holed routes.

There’s a small price to pay in overall speed compared to its 700c-wheeled counterpart, but this bike isn’t built for speed, but reliability, comfort and endurance.

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