MASTER PRO - The Master Pro is our completely custom, professional-level racing bike. We build with close clearances and use top quality cast lugs and bottom bracket shell, for stiffness and longevity. Vertical dropouts allow for easy removal and replacement of the rear wheel in competition and provide better power transfer. This is a thoroughbred machine in every sense. There are many tube sets available to suit your strengths, whether for a sprinter, rouleur, puncheur or mountain goat.

RACING COMPACT - CCompared to the Master Pro, with its level top tube, the Compact’s dropped top tube saves weight, increases lateral rigidity and specifying a longer seatpost makes the bike that little bit smoother over less-than-perfect roads. If the nod to mountain bike styling appeals to you, this machine is fast, responsive and comfortable.

ROAD CLASSIC - This is the classic, lugged racing bike, built with an eye to the traditional silhouette. It has a horizontal top tube, and doesn’t have massively oversized or exotically-shaped tubes. Handling is crisp, yet it will glide effortlessly over even the roughest roads.

We’ve been making this line of bikes for more than 50 years, with only minor tweaks and tubeset upgrades – why tinker with a Classic?

ROAD CUSTOM - The choice is yours – from the “Life” model brazed with fancy lugs, to 953 stainless steel tubes, oversize down tubes, compact or traditional geometry, fancy colour schemes, chroming, ultra-light to super-stiff – but always with our blend of superb engineering skills and fine craftsmanship – simply a perfect expression of the frame builder’s art.

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