The Roberts family has been building top-quality made-to-measure bicycles and frames for more than 60 years and has established an enviable reputation across three continents.

Beginning soon after WWII, Charlie Roberts started working as a frame-builder for some of the great names in British bicycles - Holdsworth, Claude Butler and Freddie Grubb. Among many outstanding achievements, his track frames were particularly highly regarded by the cognoscenti - professionals and Olympians alike.

In the early 1960s, Charlie branched out on his own and opened Roberts Cycles in Croydon, not far from our present location. Soon after starting up, Charlie was joined in the workshop by his son Chas, who runs the business today. Chas started part-time in his early teens (instead of a paper round!), brazing together carriers. At 17 he joined the business full-time, but it took a further seven years as a hard working apprentice before he was allowed to start building frames with the Roberts name.

robertssteelworks04In the 50 years since, Roberts Cycles consolidated its position as one of the finest bespoke bicycle producers in Britain. In 1979, Charlie, the founder of the business, passed away and Chas took over. Since then, Roberts Cycles has embraced innovation, building some of the very first British mountain bikes back in the early 1980s and setting the pace with low-profile time-trial machines and some very esoteric triathlon bikes.

Tony Doyle, one of the world's greatest six-day specialists, won two professional World Pursuit Championships in 1980 and 1986 on frames built at our workshop. He came pretty close on several other occasions too.

Tim Gould won a gold medal in the hill-climb time trial (but no rainbow jersey) as well as bronze in the cross-country at the inaugural UCI World Mountain Bike Championships in Durango, Colorado (USA) in 1990. Although his bike was branded a Peugeot (the team he rode for at the time), both his and teammate Dave Baker's frames were built in our Croydon workshop.

Throughout its history, Roberts Cycles has maintained the exacting engineering standards set by Charlie Roberts, kept abreast of cutting-edge technologies and presented work that demonstrates a passion for elegant design.

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