Roberts Cycles have been building the finest made-to-measure bicycles and frames for more than 50 years. Chas Roberts is renowned for combining exacting engineering standards with timeless aesthetics to create no-nonsense dream machines that will transport their owners towards their cycling goals.

You don't need specialist knowledge or even be a regular cyclist to decide that you’d like a custom bicycle. If you're having trouble choosing between off-the-peg bikes in the shops or you aren’t able to find the features you need, if you're not of average build or simply can't find a bike that feels right for you, if you appreciate individuality and extraordinary engineering, or just can’t be satisfied with less than the best, you can be confident that there’s a Roberts to suit you.

The process isn’t dissimilar to getting a tailor to make you a suit. The steps are as follows:

1 - Give you, the customer, plenty of time and attention to ensure awareness and understanding of all of the possibilities. We want you to be confident about your choices.

2 - Ensure that you are properly and precisely fitted for your frameset. When you visit us, we make a series of measurements and discuss all the issues that might have a bearing on the suitability of the finished product.

3 - Construct the bike, based on Chas’s hand-picked combination of tubes and lugs, along with his calculated dimensions. This takes in to account all of the data accumulated from your fitting to create a bike for your size, weight and style of riding.

4 - Take care of every last detail during the finishing, assembling and tuning of your bike. The result is unique to you – but always responsive, comfortable and durable.

Please take some time to browse our website – it will give you an introduction into what we can do for you. Keep in mind that everything we do is effectively one-of-a-kind, so if you like what you see and you want to know more, please contact us. If you don’t see what you want, get in touch and we may be able to help.

Initial Consultation

This is usually a discussion on the telephone (but feel free to stop by the workshop - ideally giving us a bit of notice if possible!), where you’re outlining what you would like and we’re prompting you with questions, offering up ideas and (sometimes) pointing up limitations - all designed to get you thinking about the choices open to you and the potential costs (remember – our price list is just a guide to the starting prices for our complete bikes).

It can be a bit of a leap of faith – we don’t really have sample bikes as such, though there may be something in the showroom that you could usefully take for a spin – but you can rest assured that you’ll find very few who have sampled the delights of a custom bike going back to the stock “big brand” offerings.


Despite many years’ experience of making bicycles, before we can wield a brazing torch we must draw out all the necessary information to settle on a specification. Hence, a crucial early step towards a custom Roberts, after discussing broad aims and which model, is focused on sizing and fitting for each individual customer.

Everyone is physically unique, with different ambitions, but our aim is always the same – to provide the most suitable combination of efficiency and comfort for each customer. Both of these parameters depend on rider position, which needs to be set up to minimise the likelihood of injury, discomfort, and inefficiency.

Ideally, each customer is measured at our workshop, but you can download a copy of our Body Chart, which will prompt you to get the required dimensions, such as inside leg, arms, body, legs, shoulders, feet etc.

Note that sizing is not the same as fitting – once we have settled on the size, we’ll need to ask you about your previous/current bike(s) and to be more precise about exactly what you want your new Roberts for. It’s important that you tell us about any injuries that you’ve had (they might have a bearing on your cycling ability), any discomfort on the bike and how flexible you are.


At this stage, we can go through all of the options that you’ve considered, and probably suggest a few that you haven’t. We’ll start a specification sheet and work through it until we have a list of the necessary information to allow us to quote you a price for the finished bike/frameset. Once we have a deposit, Chas will carefully formulate the precise list of tubes that will be combined in our workshop to create the “right” frame for you. He’ll tweak the bike’s handling through his considered choice of head angle, chainstay length and wheelbase.

It takes time to create and finish one of our frames (usually between 10-12 weeks, but this can be considerably longer during busy periods), so there’s plenty of time to mull over your choice of frame colour(s), components and accessories for the finished bike and make a change if you need to.


There are many little details to consider when putting a bike on the road for the first time and we want to be sure that we’ve gotten everything right. When you come to pick up the bike, we’ll take as much time as necessary to check the fit and bring you up to speed on anything you’re not familiar with. Where possible, we expect you to return the bike to us sometime in the first six months for a free initial service check. And, if there’s a problem, we’re only a phone call away...

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