WOMAN’S AUDAX - The Woman's Audax is a high-performance bicycle specifically designed for women, with geometry to suit a woman's proportions. Some of the frame tubes are made especially for us by Reynolds, so we can build smaller frames without compromising on performance or quality. By using fillet brazing, we aren't restricted to the angles of cast lugs that are invariably tailored for standard-sized men's bikes.

As with the Audax Compact, we specify a sloping top tube which, along with the low-slung seat stays, offers a more comfortable ride without compromising the bike's responsiveness to pressure on the pedals. To match a frame designed for women, we can provide suitable components from a wide range of sources (and we have our own stash of hard-to-find parts).

Unlike the major manufacturers, we are happy to mix and match any brands to find the most suitable combination of components. Though we like to stay with 700c wheels if possible, we can produce bikes with 650c or 26" wheels with no loss in performance.

Our forks are custom-made in steel to prevent overlap between your feet and the front wheel, which can cause problems for smaller riders, particularly where the wheel size doesn’t also shrink. We’re well aware that it’s difficult to find a wide range of tyres below 26”, but unlike most manufacturers, we don’t specify an unsuitable off-the-peg fork on even the small frame sizes.

As with all Roberts bicycles, it’s the many small touches, based on years of experience, that makes the ride so special. Whether it’s for audax, sportives, weekend spins in the countryside, credit-card touring, commuting to work or taking a longer, loaded tour, every Woman’s Audax is handcrafted and uniquely suited to its owner’s cycling style and needs.

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