ROUGHSTUFF - While it looks to many like a mountain bike with skinny tyres and dropped handlebars, the Roughstuff is designed firstly as an on-road/off-road touring bike. Though not specifically designed to be an expedition bike, it’s as capable of accompanying you around the world as it is taking you down to the local shops for a pint of milk.

Compared to an MTB it has a longer wheelbase and slack angles for a more relaxing ride, and a lower bottom bracket height for greater stability if you’re hauling heavy loads all day long. You’ll get plenty of standover room, and a taller head tube/handlebar height for increased riding comfort.

Using MTB-sized wheels give greater strength and reliability and we leave ample clearance for fatter tyres to give you a more comfortable ride. This is a versatile bike that can handle any challenge.

Many have jumped on to the bandwagon, but it’s the Roughstuff that has the pedigree and a reputation to match. We’ve been developing the design since the late 1980s (thanks Josie!), but it didn’t get its name until the mid-1990s when we unleashed it, fully-formed, on an unsuspecting world. Unlike some of our competitors, the Roughstuff is entirely built in the UK, in our workshop, to whatever specification you require.

Built to last, the Roberts Roughstuff is cherished by cycling connoisseurs who appreciate craftsmanship and a clever solution to the “just one bike for everything” conundrum. It holds its own in fine company - in 2012 the Roberts Roughstuff won an award for best tourer/randonneur at the Bespoked hand-made bicycle show in Bristol – and is equally at home skimming along rutted tracks, or cutting cross-country. The Roughstuff will take you anywhere you want to go – in some style.

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