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25th March 2012


probr51After a long period in limbo in our Croydon showroom, our Roberts ULT “BackPack” was back on the show circuit, making a notable appearance at Bespoked Bristol, the UK Handmade Bike Show, in 2012

The bike’s owner had spent the past six years searching out outrageously lightweight parts to out-do the original’s sub-12lbs (5.4kg) show weight and the rebuilt bike was down to an almost unbelievable sub-10.5lbs (4.7kg).

Most of the components outside of the steel main frame triangle and S&S BTCs are now made from carbon, titanium or aluminium. A few of the parts were sourced from Germany, from the previous record-holder for the world’s lightest bike (the remainder of his parted-out bike were snapped up and are now built up into the absolute record-holder, based in the USA and weighing in at 2.7kg (no, that is NOT a typo!)).

The Roberts ULT will be back on display in our showroom soon. The reason it’s not there right now should shed some light on the lengths that we’ll go to satisfy our customers – one decided that her new bike had to be the EXACT same shade of Alfa Romeo blue as the Roberts ULT and the only way to guarantee this was to send off the front half of the frame to the paint workshop to ensure they could match it…

We hope it’ll be back with us in time for Bespoked in 2014!

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